HJG 4 LED White With Yellow Cap + Wireharness + Switch


The HJG 4 LED Fog Light is made with the latest technology and designed to produce the brightest, clearest, and easiest-to-install fog light in the market. The LED lights are



About this product –

Night riding was never this bright..!

Revolutionize the way you travel during the night with these powerful LED fog lights. The HJG 4 LED comes in a single piece with four bulbs.

HJG 4LED Square Fog light with yellow cap is a new revolution in lighting technology of motorcycles from HJG. A small and compact yet very powerful fog light that can light up the harshest of viewing conditions. With powerful LEDs that give you maximum visibility, and will help other vehicles on the road to notice you. Its brightness can be compared to a xenon lamp. The product featured here is compatible with almost all vehicles. And its waterproof design makes it usable in all weather and road conditions. This product comes in a single unit.

Ultimate visibility –

Yields bright light for optimum night viewing conditions. The LED has a powerful beam, comparable to a xenon lamp. Since the product is compatible with most vehicles, it is a must-have accessory.

Product details

Color – Has a yellow cap.

Suitable for – It is a universal product made to fit a wide array of motorcycles.




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