Solace Hydration Water Bladder 1.5L


Presenting  hydration bladder. Does as the name says – designed to keep you hydrated when out riding, cycling, hiking, running or other outdoor activities. It also a wide opening for easy cleaning and maintenance. Volume markings are on the front, so you can mix your favorite drink or electrolytes inside. Stay focused on your physical fun, and don’t be burdened with carrying a clumsy water bottle.


Capacity – 1.5 L / 50.1 fl oz
BPA-free food grade material
Sliding seal – opens wide for easy filling and closes tight for a leak-proof seal
High flow valve – provided with on/off switch
Dust cap cover to prevent dust from reaching mouthpiece
Welded seams on exit-port for leak proofing
TPU tubing is odor and taste-free
Volume markings on the front make it easy to mix electrolytes or your favourite drink
Bite valve prevents leaking when the tube is detached
Detachable drinking tube for easy storage and adjustments
Compatible with our Sabre line of jackets and most other hydration packs


Tips and tricks
After each outing, rinse and dry the hydration bladder. Store in a clean and dry place. You can store your hydration bladder in the freezer to avoid mould forming.
Do not bite on the valve too hard to prevent breakage
To avoid hearing the sound of water moving in the hydration bladder and guarantee optimum water flow for the whole of your ride, just turn the hydration bladder upside down once filled, direct the air bubbles towards the tube opening and suck them out. That’s it! The walls of the hydration bladder won’t stick together if you suck hard and the water flow will always be just right.
To avoid a plastic taste when drinking, we advise you to rinse the product 3 times before first use. After cleaning, leave the hydration bladder open to dry thoroughly. If the plastic taste won’t go away, place the dry hydration bladder in the freezer for one night.





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