SpiderJuice 4in1 Adjustable Helmet Luggage Bungee Cord with Hook


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Introducing the SpiderJuice Adjustable Helmet Bungee Cord, the ultimate solution for securing your belongings during your motorcycle adventures. Crafted with a combination of nylon, fiber, elastic rubber, and PVC, this bungee cord offers exceptional elasticity. Also, stretching up to an impressive 110 cm, nearly 50% of its original length, without the risk of breakage.

Additionally, its compatibility with any motorcycle model allows you to conveniently tie down luggage, package boxes, bags, or helmets; just adjust the clip to the desired size and fasten it with the hook.

Additionally, designed for ease of use, this bungee cord is portable, lightweight, and effortless to carry. Also, its wide application makes it a perfect band for securing helmets, luggage, bags, packages, and boxes, ensuring a hassle-free and secure journey every time. Also, the package includes one Helmet Bungee Cord in sleek black, measuring 60 cm (approximately 23.3 inches).

Material : Elastic nylon band + PVC.

Suitable for off road riding

Package Includes : 1 piece.


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