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TECZA FORK SHIELD Fork Seal Protectors protect the bike’s fork seals from dust, dirt and mud! They are a revolutionary design that allows for quick and easy installation and cleaning without having to remove your forks from the triple clamps. They act as a pre-wipe, wiping away dirt, dust and mud that has accumulated onto the forks, preventing it from getting into your fork seals as your forks compress. The TECZA FORK SHIELD has a unique Velcro protection system that is utilized to protect your forks. When installed and the protection flaps are sealed, look almost identical to our original TECZA FORK SHIELD and offer the same great protection.

These TECZA FORK SHIELD Fork Seal Protectors are compatible with most bikes having a fork tube diameter of 36 – 43mm.

TECZA FORK SHIELD Fork Seal Protectors are easy to install on your Bike . They are durable and washable and will not affect your fork damping or preload. Simply wrap around and zip the TECZA FORK SHIELD onto the fork tube, slide up and cover the seals. Apply the zip tie to the largest portion of the fork tube so the fork guard rubs on the zip-tie.

When washing your bike, flip up the bottom side of the TECZA FORK SHIELD to wash any small amount of dirt that has gathered. Be sure to flip the TECZA FORK SHIELD back down before they dry. Yes, you can remove to wash and re-install, however be sure to have spare zip-ties.

The TECZA FORK SHIELD Fork Seal Protectors are sold in pairs.

*Note- if there is a circlip around the larger fork tube, take a flat head screwdriver and pop that off. Place the zip-tie where that was to allow the fork guard to rub on the zip-tie and not on the TECZA FORK SHIELD.


Protects the bike’s fork seals from dust, dirt and mud
Durable and washable
Will not affect the fork damping or preload
Fits conventional and inverted forks
Quick and easy to install
Sold in pairs

Product Specifications

Material: Neoprene
Compatibility: Fork tubes with a diameter of 36 – 43mm
Color: Black


  • Top Length – 8 inches
  • Bottom Length – 6 inches
  • Height – 4.5 inches

Packet contains:

  • 1 pair of Fork Seal Cover
  • 4 no’s Cable zip-ties
  • 1 no’s Reflective Sticker tecza
  • 1 Key Tag TECZA

Note: Fork Seal Covers are not compatible for Kawasaki Ninja 650 and Ninja Z 650 Bikes.


150 ML


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